Our Team

Terry Crandall

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Our primary focus is understanding our clients' needs and translating those into future products.

Robert Shaulskiy

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Robert's focus is making a perfect connection between Operations, Marketing, Sales, and R&D.

Noam Ben-Hamou

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

In charge of managing our team of engineers as well as overseeing R&D.

Igor Tkachev

National Sales Director

Igor's main focus is finding and executing strategies for bettering company sales.

Carson Roberts

Director of Customer Experience

Carson's main focus is to oversee support quality, accountability and customer satisfaction.

Jeremy Randall II

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Company direction in regards to our budgets, growth and longevity of our accounts.

Key Support & Operations Staff

Name Title / Position Time at Company
Brian Grant Customer Support Manager (Dealer)
Paul Bennett Customer Success Manager (Dealer)
Nick Harper Account Manager (Dealer)
Garrett Walsh Customer Service (Furniture & Appliance)
Tiffany Greer Customer Service (Service Industry)
Brendan Perez Customer Service (Trailer/RV/ATV/MC)
Jennifer Davenport Accounts Payable / Receivables
Stephen Guzman Programmer
Lamar Simpson Programmer / Web Applications